Woven Poly Sandbags – Prepare for Hurricane Season!

It’s 2021 and the first quarter is already ending… you know what that means: Hurricane season is coming! But here is something you probably didn’t know: S&K Packaging has partnered with a warehouse on the east coast to keep woven poly sandbags in stock for your shipping convenience! Our high performance sandbags blow the competition out of the water with longer lasting UV protection and durability!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What sizes of woven poly sandbags are available?

While we have many different sizes of woven poly bags, we only stock one size with a built in tie for closing off. We advertise our 14×26 poly bag as our sandbag. Some people may use larger bags such as an 18×30 or 20×31, but those bags do not come with built in ties unless custom ordered to your specifications.

How long should I expect my woven poly sandbags to last?

All of our sandbags and other woven poly products come standard with built in 1200 hour UV protection. Everyone’s definition of longevity varies based on their geographical location and exposure to the sun. After one year of real time exposure and testing, we have proven our sandbags to last significantly longer than one supplied by a competitor. This goes to say that cheaper isn’t always better.

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Do your woven poly sandbags come with ties?

Absolutely! We understand the importance to quickly fill sandbags. All of our 14×26 sandbags come with a heavy 2 ply poly twine pre-attached so you can spend more time filling and less time searching for string!

Sandbag Tie

Are your woven poly sandbags regularly available and in stock?

Yes! We have partnered up with a company on the east coast to keep several sandbags available when hurricane prone communities need them the most! Between that facility and our Midwest warehouse, we can ship to most US locations within two to three business days!

Need A Sandbag Customized To Fit Your Needs?

While most people can use a standard 14×26 Sandbag, we understand that there are some who may have specific needs. S & K Packaging’s manufacturer has the capability to customize your bag how you need it. Give one of our experienced representatives a call today to learn how!


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