Paper-Poly Bags

 Woven Polypropylene bag with heavy-duty paper laminated to the outside, combining the best characteristics of paper and woven polypropylene into a fantastic Paper-Poly Bag!  


Paper bags have been a staple in the packaging world for a very long time. While paper is not going away, demand has been steadily increasing, causing a backlog in paper bag construction and extended lead times with higher minimum quantities and costs. To help fight these problems, we offer paper-poly bags as an upgrade and a better alternative to regular multi-wall paper bags. Paper-poly bags, also known as paper laminated or paper woven, are combination heavy-duty paper sacks constructed with a paper shell laminated to a woven polypropylene inner-lining. The lining safeguards the contents from moisture, making it an ideal bag to use for dog food packaging, or for holding grains, seeds, pet foods, flour, rice, sugar, fertilizers, frozen products, some chemicals and various building materials. Though the bags have a similar appearance and texture to standard multiwall paper bags, they offer extra strength, durability, protection from punctures or tears and higher moisture resistance.

Paper-poly bags are made with the exterior being a heavier-weight, natural or bleached white kraft paper. The inner layer of woven polypropylene is laminated to the paper by using a PE coating, making our paper poly grain bags moisture resistant, and one of the most durable bags on the market.

Through technology and experience, we have helped numerous customers resolve and avoid a variety of issues, from breakages during transport to implementing fully automated operations.

Speak to one of our experienced staff today to find out more about our paper-poly bag options.


Higher-strength and durability.


High puncture/tear resistance.


Higher moisture resistance.


All bags can feature anti-skid, Easy Open and Micro Perforations.


Bags are available in gusseted, flat tube, back seam and valve styles.


Better printing quality on paper vs woven fabrics.


Graphics can be printed in numerous colors.


Available in pillow style, flat bottom or block bottom.


Ideal for automated bagging systems.

Assortment of Paper Poly Bags
Paper Poly and Paper bags side by side

Interested in a custom-printed, paper-poly bag?

Stocked Sizes

SizeNatural KraftWhite
14 x 3 x 31X
15 x 3.5 x 32*XX
15 x 3.5 x 36*XX
16 x 4 x 34X
16 x 4 x 36*XX
17 x 4 x 34X

*Available with perforations

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