Paper poly bags

Stand out from your competitor with a custom bag!


S&K Packaging features two flexographic printers that allow us to custom print on your woven poly bags, BOPP, and paper bags with up to three colors. This feature allows your purchased product to have a 100% customizable design 

Attractive packaging that stands out from the competition gets attention from consumers who are browsing store shelves. Whether you’re producing animal feed, lawn care and landscaping products, or packaging grains in bulk, S & K can provide bulk bag printing, showing your logo and identifying labels for your products.

What’s more, if you purchase BOPP bags from S & K, our custom printing is applied in reverse to the inside surface of the bag—behind the protective outer laminated layer of the bag. Your graphics, including images and text, will present themselves in sharp detail to consumers and be protected from weather and sunlight. Woven poly and paper poly bags also take printing well, and our custom paper bag printing services are available for those types of bags as well.


Customizable Design Layout


Three color printing


High quality print

Custom printed bag