Multi-Wall Paper Bags

Multi-wall paper bags are commonly used to hold pet food, fertilizer, building materials, poly resins, seed and yard waste.


Industrial multi-wall paper bags offer the most cost effective packaging available in the industry today. Multi-wall paper bags are constructed by stacking anywhere from 2-5 layers of paper,and they provide increased strength and durability compared to single-wall paper bags. These bags are ideal for packaging products that require more protection during handling, transportation, and storage.

S&K Packaging offers an extensive array of multi-wall paper sack styles that can be custom printed in up to 3 colors. These versatile, environmentally friendly bags are recyclable, and some natural Kraft multi-wall paper bags for yard waste are compostable.

Seed, resins, and building materials like concrete or plaster mix are easy to stack and pallet when packaged in these economical industrial paper sacks. The construction of these sacks helps preserve the quality and integrity of the packaged product, particularly for items prone to spoilage or degradation. Contact S&K Packaging for more details about custom printing and styles of industrial multi-wall paper bags that may work for your products.

Available Colors: Natural Kraft or White.
High barrier interior liners.
Custom print available for all sizes, in house – 3 colors.
Pallet of multi-wall paper bags

Available Dimensions

Size Natural Kraft White
12 x 3 x 29 X
14 x 3 x 31* X
15 x 3.5 x 35* X
16 x 4 x 34 X X
16 x 4 x 36* X X
18.5 x 33 X
18 x 4 x 36 X
18 x 4 x 39 X
19 x 5 x 40 X

*Available with PE liner

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