Industrial Packaging Supplies

S&K keeps commonly used supplies for your bag usage to keep your facility operations running – interruption-free!


Here at S&K, we keep commonly used industrial packaging supplies that’ll come in handy for your bag usage to keep your facility operations running without interruption. Some of the main items we carry are bulk bag repair tape, jute twine, and industrial sewing machine thread.

Being able to keep your packaging in good shape allows you to do business more sustainably and efficiently, costing you less in the long run. When you have the right repair supplies for bulk bags at your disposal, you can keep your bags in service for longer by performing minor fixes, rather than replacing them after every small mishap.

With this change, you’ll not only help your business but also the environment. Even though most of the bags we offer are fully recyclable, we still don’t like to waste perfectly good products. Before you send them to the recycling center for shredding, we encourage you to browse our selection of industrial packaging supplies. We know that our BOPP bag repair supplies can help you extend their lifespan with products such as our bulk bag repair tape or industrial sewing thread.


Handheld Sewing Machine String

Used for sewing poly and paper bags.


Industrial Sewing Thread

Used for larger industrial sewing machines.


Bulk Bag Repair Tape - 12 rolls per carton, 4 in x 36 yd rolls

  • Extends the life of bags and reduces industrial waste because of a small tear.
  • High Strength Adhesive.
  • Made from the same materials as your bulk bags.
  • Peel-off Backing.

Jute Twine

50 lb box

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