Custom-Printed Bags

Get more customers with an attention-grabbing, custom-printed bag!


Here at S&K Packaging, we have two flexographic printers that allow us to custom print words and company logo on the bags you purchase from us. Whether you buy woven polypropylene bags, BOPP bags, or paper bags, we can print anything you want on your bags in up to three colors. This feature allows your purchased product to have a 100% customizable design!

These attractive custom-printed bags stand out from the competition, allowing you to grab the attention from consumers who are browsing other brands’ products on store shelves. Whether you’re producing animal feed, lawn care and landscaping products, or packaging grains in bulk, S&K can provide custom bulk bags that show off your logo and any other identifying labels of your products.

What’s more, if you purchase BOPP bags from S&K, our BOPP bag printing is applied in reverse to the inside surface of the bag—behind the protective outer laminated layer of the bag. That means your graphics, including images and text, will present themselves in sharp detail to consumers and be protected from weather and sunlight. Both woven poly and paper poly bags also take printing well, which is why we offer our custom poly bag printing services are available for those types of bags as well.

Regardless of the type of custom industrial packaging you need, S&K has you covered. In an industry where most producers create a lot of the same products, branding is vital. When consumers and other businesses are trying to determine which company’s product to buy, seeing a logo they recognize or a design they like will heavily influence their purchasing decision.

Of course, it’s not like all your competitors are going to have plain bags and you’ll be the only one who breathed some life into yours. They’re all going to be printing out their own designs as well, which is why you must ensure that yours are simply the best. That’s why you need us. Our custom-printed bags with logos stand out thanks to our ability to use multiple colors. Most companies can only use one, and that color is typically black. Using a vibrant array of colors will help your custom-printed bags look the best within the displays.

Of course, you can’t forget our outstanding bag quality either. What good is flashy packaging if it rips open the first time someone picks it up? When you buy from S&K, you receive a durable product that will withstand all kinds of rough treatment. Your products don’t do your consumers any good if they’ve spilled out all over the floor. That’s why you need a bag that can stay strong, no matter the circumstances.

If you want your bags to have outstanding quality in terms of their durability and style. S&K Packaging is the place for you. Take the time to look through our vast selection of bulk storage bags, and then determine what design you would like printed onto them. We’ll turn your vision into a reality that you won’t be disappointed with.

Our in-house printing features:


Customizable Design Layout


Three color printing


High quality print

Printed Feed Bags
Custom printed bag

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