7 Quality Warehouse Supplies
Available From S & K Packaging

Warehouse Supplies by S & K Packaging
Many bags come and go from S & K Packaging on a daily basis. These bags ship all around the country serving various industries for their bulk packaging needs. What many of our customers don’t think about at the time of ordering their bags is what other warehouse supplies they may need for their operations. Here at S & K Packaging, our goal is to not only save you money on a great product, but also save you time by offering common warehouse supplies to ship with your bag orders, saving you on extra shipping costs! Our experienced account managers watch order frequencies and do their best to make sure you have everything you need!


Jute Twine

One of the oldest methods of closing cotton, burlap, and woven poly bags is by using Jute Twine. Jute is a very affordable, all-natural fiber, spun into coarse threads, used for producing sustainable fabrics, such as burlap, floor backing, and cordage such as twine or rope. Almost all jute worldwide is sourced from Asian countries with more than ¾ of it being produced in India and Bangladesh due to the need for a warm and very wet climate to grow the plant. There are two varieties of jute plants. The strongest and most popular of the two varieties is the Tossa Jute, which is found more commonly from Bangladesh and the easternmost portion of India. With our twine coming from Bangladesh, S & K Packaging’s jute twine is a strong, affordable, and sustainable option for tying bags closed.
Our jute twine comes as several strands wrapped as a rope on a 50 lb. wooden reel. The overall total length of 4 ply jute twine on a 50 lb. reel is approximately 18,750 feet. While this bulk jute twine is particularly meant for bag closing, this is also acceptable for landscaping and for décor as is other jute twines.

Bag Closing Thread

Modern bagging lines have made packaging products more efficient through automatic and semi-automatic bag closers. These bag closers resemble the function of an upright sewing machine and use large organ needles and thick, multi-ply, polyester or cotton thread to close Multiwall Paper Bags and BOPP Bags. While cotton thread is sustainable compared to polyester bag closing thread, it does not have the strength or price point that polyester thread contains. For this reason, many suppliers prefer to distribute polyester threads for bag closing purposes.
S & K Packaging offers a Size 12, 5-Ply, UV resistant Polyester thread that is pre-twisted and oiled, ensuring a quality thread that is easy to use, from start to finish. By offering a 5-ply thread, the customer receives a product that is 20% stronger, limiting breakage and failure at the end of the bag. Our thread is available on 8 oz. cones for handheld bag closing machines, and on 5lb & 20lb cones for automated lines.

Paper Bag Closing Tape (Crepe Tape)

In addition to bag closing thread, S & K Packaging has the resources available to get their customers paper tape for bag closing. This tape is not adhesive but used to fold over the open end of a Multiwall Paper bag or BOPP bag during manufacturing and also when sealing the filled bag. Used in conjunction with bag closing thread on an automatic or handheld bag closer, Paper Bag Closing Tape helps provide a tighter seal and minimize tearing from when the bag is closed.
S & K Packaging does not currently stock this product but we can get this shipped directly to our customers from our partner facilities at an attractive price point!

Stretch Wrap Film

One of the most popular warehouse supplies that we stock is our performance grade stretch wrap. S & K offers stretch wrap, for both manual and machine applications, in high performance quality at competitive pricing! Our wrap is produced from a reputable source as a cast performance film for clarity, improved load containment, and quieter rolls. Compared to regular cast films, our performance stretch wrap is a cast film that is made from higher quality resins to allow improved puncture and tear resistance. Because of this, our performance 63 gauge stretch wrap performs like a standard 80-90 gauge wrap without the extra weight or cost. Our machine grade wrap is also pre-stretched on larger rolls for high-speed automatic wrapping.

Poly Repair Tape

Packaging operations can’t always go smoothly, and bags can be damaged or break if improperly handled. When the inevitable happens, we want you to be prepared so you can minimize product loss and time for cleanup. S & K Packaging offers a specially designed Poly Repair Tape that consists of a durable woven poly backing with a high tack adhesive. This repair tape is ideal to repair and patch Polypropylene and Polyethylene films and fabrics such as: Woven Poly Bags, FIBC Bulk Bags/Totes, Tarps, Silage Bags, Greenhouse covers, Barn and Livestock Curtains, and more!

Pallet Sheets

As mentioned with Poly Repair Tape, messes happen, and cleanup can waste profitable time. Pallet sheets can also help with minimizing mess on pallets by providing a thin barrier between the wooden pallet and the bags. These sheets also can help with increasing friction between layers of bags, thus reducing bags sliding off the pallet. While they can be made and offered as plastic, most pallet sheets are typically made from paper and wood fibers.
Pallet sheets are available in a variety of sizes and constructions. Because of this, S & K generally custom orders this on an as needed basis for our customers. We do stock a 40×48, 20-point chipboard for in-house use as well as for the customers looking for a small quantity to ship with their bags. Give us a call to see how we can help with your pallet sheet needs!

Pallet Covers

Pallet protection is key to customer satisfaction when shipping products. By using pallet covers, you can be confident that your products stay dry and clean during all stages of shipping. S &K Packaging has suppliers for both PE film covers as well as more durable Woven PP pallet covers. PE film covers can be made in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, but because of being lightweight, they often are one time use. Woven PP pallet covers are made like the FIBC Bulk Bags and are more durable, allowing them to be used multiple times if handled appropriately. Both options are available depending on your preference and can be made in different colors as well as with UV inhibitors.

These warehouse supplies are some of the most used and requested supplies by our customers. We can get other supplies such as strapping materials, tags, and small ziplock poly bags on request. Request a quote on our site or give us a call to make S & K Packaging your one stop shop!

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