S&K Packaging Sales Team

S&K Packaging Sales Team

From left to right: Jason (Sales), Eric (Office Manager), Shawn (President), Andrew (Sales), Ries (Sales)

About S&K Packaging

S&K Packaging is a supplier of high-quality, woven-polypropylene based packaging and silage plastics to a range of industries, including dairy and beef farming, animal feed and food ingredients manufacturers, landscape material suppliers, industrial factories and foundries, and more.

The company was founded by Shawn Stackis and his grandfather Harold Koppes, and incorporated in 2005. They began in a small space in northern Dubuque, Iowa, reconditioning used FIBC bulk bags. They quickly outgrew their space and moved a few times before settling in East Dubuque, Illinois in 2015.

With each move, S&K was able to expand their product offerings, adding multiple woven polypropylene-based products and multi-wall paper bags, as well as customized printing on woven polypropylene sacks and paper bags. They also developed a unique and efficient reconditioning line for FIBC bulk bags.

Since moving to the East Dubuque location, S&K continued to offer products with improved efficiency, and has continued to grow. Increased demand for more products and low demand for reconditioned FIBC led S&K to discontinue reconditioned products in 2022, which in turn allowed growth in more new FIBC options, as well as expansion into silage plastics. Adding BOPP laminated bags to the product line has been a successful answer to high demand for retail quality bags at lower prices.

S&K is still owned and operated by Shawn Stackis. Under his leadership, S&K focuses on exceptional, individualized customer service. With no automated phones, any call coming into S&K will be answered by a team member, most likely a sales rep. The team uses creativity and product knowledge to meet customers’ needs; just because S&K doesn’t currently offer a product, that doesn’t mean they can’t do it.

In addition to great customer service, S&K Packaging delivers competitive pricing, flexibility in product options, and quick turnaround on print orders. 99.9% of in-stock orders ship by the next business day. With customers across the contiguous US, S&K is a company small enough to deliver highly personalized service, and big enough to solve complex packaging problems.

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