The Benefits of Bagging Silage for Preserving Feed

The Benefits of Bagging Silage for Preserving Feed

Farmers and ranchers who need to preserve feed for their livestock over the winter or during periods of drought often turn to bagging silage. Silage is grass or other green fodder that has been chopped and stored in an airtight container—usually a plastic-wrapped bale— so farmers can feed their animals without spoilage.

Benefits of Bagging Silage

Bagging silage has several advantages over other methods of preserving fodder, such as haylage. Let’s look at some of the benefits of bagging silage for preserving feed compared to other methods.

Place It Anywhere

Bagged silage can go anywhere on your property, unlike bales of hay, which you must store in a dry area away from animals. This makes bagged silage a convenient option if you don’t have ideal storage space for haylage. Whether you need to temporarily store it in a pasture or keep it in your barn, you can put bagged silage anywhere that’s convenient for you.

Modular Set Up

Bagged silage is a modular storage system that stores as much or as little as you need within the bale wrap. This system contrasts with a haylage pit, a large, permanent storage system that can be difficult to decommission. If you only need to store a small amount of feed, or if you need to move your storage system around frequently, bagged silage is the more convenient option.

Maximize Feed Freshness

Bagged silage allows you to maximize feed freshness by sealing the bags tightly, preventing oxygen from getting in and spoiling the feed. This freshness is not always possible with haylage, often stored in an open-air pit. In some cases, bagging silage can extend the shelf life of your feed by up to two months.

Add or Subtract Bags Based on Farm Size & Usage

You can easily add or subtract bags of silage based on the size of your farm and how much feed your animals need. You can’t always do this with a haylage pit. Bagged silage is the more flexible option if you need to store varying amounts of feed.

Less of an Investment

A concrete structure like a silo or a haylage pit can be a significant investment, both in terms of money and time. If you’re not ready to commit or need a temporary storage solution, bagged silage is the way to go. You can get started with a small investment, and if you decide to expand your storage capacity, adding more bags is easy.

Bagged silage has several advantages over other methods of preserving fodder, making it a convenient option for farmers and ranchers who need to store feed. Not only is it easy to set up and take down, but you can also place it anywhere on your property.

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