Bale Wrap

Provide the highest puncture and tear resistance required to keep grain and the highest quality.


S&K Packaging produces a blown stretch film wrap for crops that’s designed to provide the highest level of strength, reliability, and durability possible for a standard bale wrap. These products are made for trouble-free use when wrapping either round or square bales and are versatile enough to be used on almost any type of crop. Our silage wraps are suitable for all types of bale wrappers and offers superior strength, puncture resistance, elasticity, and UV stability.

Even though the S&K brand is most well-known for its variety of silage bags, we know that you’ll love our bale wraps as well. We make these wraps with the same level of quality and care as all of our other products because we never want to disappoint our customers.

Multi-layer construction for superior strength.
Suitable for use on round and square bales.
UV protection for all climates.
silage bags

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