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What We Offer

As your industrial polypropylene bag supplier, S & K Packaging offers the highest-quality bulk bags for sale in the industry.

Bulk bags

Bulk packaging bags are extremely versatile and can hold a variety of wet and dry materials.

bopp bags

High quality bags for fertilizers, pet food, and many other consumer products.

poly bags

High-quality bags for a wide range of retail, corporate, and manufacturing uses.

Paper Poly Blurb

paper poly bags

Characteristics of paper & the strength of a poly bag, good water resistance.

paper bags

Paper bags provide an economical way to package lightweight products.

silage bags

bale wrap

Highest performance polyethylene resin in a five-layer or tri-layer configuration.

silage bags

Silage bags

Highest performance polyethylene resin in a five-layer or tri-layer configuration.


Keep your operation running interruption-free with commonly used supplies.

Custom Printing

Custom print your woven poly bags, BOPP bags and paper bags with up to three colors.

Personalized Service For All Your Packaging Needs

As a bulk bag manufacturer, we specialize in creating the perfect bulk bag packaging solution for your needs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Initially, I didn’t care to give reconditioned bulk bags a try since I have been burned in the past by buying used bags from the average joe. However, after receiving a FREE sample bag from S & K, I knew I had to give them a chance!
~Dean P., Lancaster, PA

“I have been buying reconditioned bulk bags from Shawn at S & K since 2012! They are perfect for shipping rubber mulch to my customers!”
~Kevin S., Champagne, IL

“I went on vacation and got a frantic phone call from my manager that we were out of printed poly bags. I called Kim at S & K right away and they had a pallet of freshly printed poly bags ready for my store the next day!”
~Barbara M., Ames, IA

“I’m in the sand and soil industry and my customers love that I can offer my products (by the cubic yard) in a convenient, mess free, bulk bag loaded directly into their truck!”
~James A., Houston, TX

“I love the personalized customer service I get from S & K every time I order. I always know I will get quality, restored bags at a great price!”
~Robert W., Grand Rapids, MI

“We have been the route of cheaper reconditioned bulk bags…time and money wasted!! We receive clean quality reconditioned bulk bags from S & K Packaging, Inc. at a fair price with prompt friendly service.”
~Tom K., Indiana

“We purchase our printed poly and paper bags from S & K Packaging, Inc. because of the quality printing, timely delivery and price point.”
~Sue J., New Jersey

“S & K Packaging, Inc. has served our company for the past 7 years. Their ability to meet our bulk bag needs on time with outstanding service is why we will continue our relationship with them.”
~Brian L., Missouri

About Us

S & K Packaging is a supplier of high-quality, woven-polypropylene based packaging and silage plastics to a range of industries, including dairy and beef farming, animal feed and food ingredients manufacturers, landscape material suppliers, industrial factories and foundries, and more.

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