What You Should Look for in a Bulk Bag Supplier

From pet food to animal feed, grain to plaster, concrete mix to fertilizer, manufacturers and distributors of flowable dry goods have a multitude of choices in packaging. The source you choose for your bulk bags makes a difference. Here’s what you should look for in a bulk bag supplier.

Versatility and Customization Options

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. Your FIBC supplier should provide you with options for open top, duffel, spout, and ventilated bags according to your needs. Your FIBCs should be easy to haul, with handles for forklifts to transport them around your warehouse.

Suppliers should also offer bags with special coatings to make them more resistant to UV rays and moisture, as well as assurances that the materials they use are food-grade compliant, if that’s what you need.

Your supplier should offer custom printing, customizable thread and strap colors, and optional baffles for shaping bags to stand upright, giving you additional versatility in your FIBC options.

Reputation for Customer Service

When you order FIBCs, you are depending on your supplier to get your bulk packaging bags to you on time and in good condition. If there’s a problem, you must get them on the phone and talk to a human being, not an automated system.

Read reviews and check testimonials on the suppliers you are considering. Ask for references and contact them to discuss their experience. Your materials are your business, so you want to take the time to ensure you will be getting superior, reliable service from your bulk bag supplier.


An important thing to look for in a bulk bag supplier is sustainability. Sustainable practices are not only responsible, they are cost-effective. An important feature you should look for in your bulk bag supplier is sustainability. FIBCs are reusable if cleaned and handled properly. Ask your prospective supplier about their process for preparing FIBCs for reuse.

Availability of reusable or reconditioned FIBCs can save you money, as used bags are more cost-effective than new ones. When the bags have truly reached the end of their useful lives, they should be recyclable. Check to ensure your supplier offers bags made of 100 percent recyclable materials.

At S&K packaging, we stand ready to supply you with FIBCs and other bulk packaging supplies. We will meet your needs with outstanding and responsive customer service. Call today.

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