Paper Laminated Poly Bags – Not The Average Paper Bag

Another excellent packaging choice, Paper Laminated bags, also known as Paper Poly, are an upgrade to a traditional Multiwall Paper Bag. From first glance, these bags look like your average paper bag seen commonly in the feed industry. However, differences in construction give these bags a leg up on the competition!


How are Paper Laminated Poly Bags Different?

Not to be mistaken for a paper bag with a poly liner, Paper Laminated Poly Bags actually have some significant differences when compared to the Multiwall Paper Bag. Traditionally, Multiwall Paper Bags are constructed of usually 2-3 layers of 50-60 weight Kraft paper. Paper Laminated bags actually are a woven pp bag with a single layer of Kraft paper laminated to the outside with a PE coating. This gives Paper Poly Bags advantages that benefit your product and business!


Why are Paper Laminated Poly Bags Better?


Stronger Construction

Upon first sight, Paper Laminated Poly Bags look just like a paper bag. In fact, most people don’t even notice the differences between the two bags. The first and most obvious benefit of Paper Poly Bags is the woven poly construction on the inside. How often has a paper bag been dropped or accidentally ripped open in your warehouse? One of the biggest hassles in a warehouse and production environment, is having to stop to clean. By replacing layers of fragile Kraft paper with Woven PP, this bag benefits with increased strength and durability. See for yourself here!


Resistance to Moisture

Some bagged products are sensitive to moisture, requiring critical characteristics of their packaging. The combination of the PE lamination and woven poly construction increase resistance to moisture. Because of this, these bags are an excellent choice for products such as grains, seeds, food products, and even industrial products. You can rest assured that your product will stay dry in this bag!

Numerous Options

Many optional features and bag styles are also available when designing a Paper Laminated Poly Bag. In most cases, the customer can custom order Paper Laminated Bags with anti-skid and micro-perforations. Additionally, custom printing is available with up to 4 colors!


An upgrade to traditional forms of packaging, Paper Laminated Poly Bags make an excellent packaging choice for your products. Paper Poly Bags are rapidly becoming a popular packaging alternate to Multiwall Paper Bags. If you are looking for a custom bag, it may be time to consider seeing how other bags, like a Paper Laminated Poly Bag, can benefit you!



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