Important Things To Know About Multiwall Bags

Multiwall paper bags are economical, sustainable choices for packaging flowable dry materials, such as grains, seeds, resins, and plaster mix. Depending on their construction, they can also hold some types of chemicals, animal feed, sugar, flour, or fertilizer. Learn some important things to know about multiwall bags.

They’re What Their Name Implies and More

Multiwall paper bags are exactly what they sound like—they’re paper bags with multiple layers. Like the paper bags that you get at the supermarket or a local gift shop, the paper for industrial multiwall paper bags comes from wood chips. Manufacturers create them through a special process called “kraft,” which means “strength.”

The kraft process takes wood chips, heats them, and mixes them with a sulfate solution that breaks them down into cellulose pulp. This makes the wood fibers longer and stronger. The manufacturer then rolls and dries the pulp to form paper. It forms that paper into tubes, folds it, and cuts according to the specifications for the order of bags.

There Are Different Grades of Multiwall Paper Bags

Different products need different kinds of paper bags. For bags that hold human and animal food products, the paper in the bags must meet FDA food standards. An important thing to know about multiwall paper bags is what chemicals produce the pulp that becomes the paper. The specific chemicals will determine whether the bag is safe for packaging food or animal feed.

Bags that will contain materials sensitive to moisture may have a thin film lining of polyethylene (plastic) or aluminum foil to protect the product inside.

Multiwall Bags Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Multiwall paper bags come in open-top or valve styles with pinched, sewn, or glued-shut openings. These bags are tear resistant, and manufacturers can print their exteriors in various colors. Depending on the materials to be packaged, suppliers can decide how many plies of paper they’ll need (which may determine the weight each bag can hold), the shape and dimension of the bags, and whether there’s printing on the exterior.

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