Factors To Consider for Dry Good Packaging

Whether you produce animal feed or distribute grass seed and fertilizer, you know that proper packaging is essential for the preservation of your product while it’s in storage and in transit. Dry good packaging also bears your branding, announcing your identity from store shelves to consumers making choices in store aisles. When viewed this way, it makes these factors to consider for dry good packaging much more important.

Tear Resistance

A torn bag causes product waste and makes the product vulnerable to contamination. Dry goods must be in containers that resist tearing and leaks. Dry goods packaging should be tough and amenable to stacking and storage without damage.

Heat, Chemical, and Moisture Resistance

Heat is as much a threat to the quality of dry goods as humidity. Packaging for dry goods should resist both. Dry goods must be free of contaminants, such as chemicals, oils, and solvents.

Woven polypropylene sacks meet these criteria. They’re strong and durable but breathable. They also accept lamination or the application of an additional layer of protective film to increase moisture and UV light resistance.


Environmental impact is on everyone’s mind, and brands do well when they demonstrate an authentic commitment to sustainability. Dry goods packaging should be reusable and recyclable. Woven polypropylene (PP) bags are both when properly handled.

External Appearance and Cost

White woven PP bags accept basic graphics in a few colors and are inexpensive to produce. They provide toughness, tear resistance, and protection from contamination. An additional laminated coating of polypropylene on the outside of these bags increases their moisture resistance, and with the right additives, it also provides UV light protection.

Laminated woven PP bags, known as BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) bags, can accept much sharper and more complex graphics. The attractiveness of a package’s exterior is a factor to consider for dry good packaging. It can draw the consumer’s eye while on the store shelf. BOPP bags are worth the investment when that attractiveness or clarity in labeling is critical.

Whatever your dry goods packaging needs are, contact S&K Packaging to learn what we can offer you that meets your budget.

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