BOPP Laminated Bags- The Next Generation of Bulk Packaging

BOPP Laminated Bags are one of the many top notch bulk packaging options made available for product manufacturers. In fact, big brand companies are starting to use these exquisite bags to give their product a higher advantage on the store shelves. Using BOPP Laminated Bags can help a common everyday product look more attractive in the competitive retail market!

What is BOPP?

BOPP stands for Bi-Axially Orientated Polypropylene. In other words, BOPP is a Polypropylene film that has been stretched in two directions, resulting in a very strong film that has extraordinary clarity and printability. While most commonly used on packaging applications such as creating labels, BOPP is now becoming a popular choice as a laminate for packaging! At S&K Packaging, we like to refer to BOPP Laminated Bags as being the most luxurious bagging option for manufacturers to packaging their products in.


How Can BOPP Laminated Bags Benefit Me?

BOPP Laminated bags have a number of advantages and features that allow you to help your product stand out from the local competition:

BOPP Laminated Bags Have Increased Durability and Moisture Resistance:

Unless you are using a knife to open them, these bags are practically indestructible and waterproof! The BOPP Laminating process takes the traditional woven poly bag and puts an additional layer of plastic over the original fabric, thus sealing it from the natural elements and destruction.

BOPP Interior/Exterior

BOPP Laminated Bags Have Superior Printing Graphics:

While Paper and Woven Poly bags are just as capable to be printed on in a variety of colors, their biggest weakness when it comes to printing is the print durability and longevity. Let’s be straight, Woven Poly and Paper bags with printing look like ink was quickly stamped to apply the graphics. That’s basically true. While there are some impressive looking paper bags being made today, the ink is still exposed on the outside of the bag and can face damage from typical wear and tear, or even the natural elements. BOPP Laminated Bags are reverse printed onto the BOPP film that is laminated to the bag. This means, no matter how hard you try, that ink and print quality stays permanent. Because of the slightly different printing process, BOPP bags have the capability to display a much higher quality, photo-like appearance with additional color options being available.

Wildlife Corn BOPP Laminated Bag

BOPP Laminated Bag Pricing and Other Features:

While BOPP pricing can’t match up to the economical price of a woven poly bag, BOPP bags are actually very competitive in price comparison to domestically manufactured paper bags. BOPP bags are imported and made from an economical polypropylene giving it a lower base price and the flexibility of having features that paper bags can’t offer at an efficient price. A couple of these features include having the bag constructed with transparent material and having the option between a Matte or Glossy finish. Other options that can be included on a custom BOPP bag are anti-slip features, perforated fabric (allowing breathability), and Easy Open seams so that the end user can quickly open their purchased product!

Clear BOPP Laminated Bags


Re-designing your product’s packaging can be a stressful and time consuming job, but having the right packaging for your product can make your product more attractive. It may not be the right time to be looking for updated packaging, but if you are having to order 10,000 or more bags at a time, I highly recommend that you consider marketing your name with a BOPP Laminated Bag!


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