Paper Bags For Fertilizer Packaging

Paper bags for fertilizer packaging provide a lot of benefits – for both your company and the environment. The fertilizer packing bag professionals with S&K Packaging have an ample supply of whatever bags you need, and a deep knowledge of the exact type of bag this is best for your application. We’ll let you know if the bags you’re using are right for the job, or if you’d be better off looking at other options.

Why Paper Bags for Fertilizer Packaging are the Best Choice

Many companies are more conscious of the impact they’re having on the planet, and turn to paper bags for fertilizer packaging as a result. A fertilizer packing bag is more sustainable than other materials. It can be recycled, but even if it’s discarded it will eventually degrade into the soil. Other materials, on the other hand, take decades – even centuries, to finally dissolve.

Paper bags for fertilizer packaging, are, in many cases, at least partially made from recycled fiber or paper. Most paper bags contain nearly 40 percent recycled materials, and a lot of them contain much more than 40 percent. If you have a compost pile and you no longer need your bags, you can simply shred them and add them to the pile.

Another reason paper bags for fertilizer packaging are a great solution is that they’re durable. You might have used bags in the past that tore much too easily or failed in other ways. This, of course, wastes a lot of product and, in many instances, can lead to expensive downtime. You’ll never have to worry about inferior materials when you buy your bags from S&K Packaging.

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