Reconditioned Polypropylene Bulk Bags

S&K Packaging is one of the leading reconditioned bulk bag suppliers in the US, and we have an ample supply in stock. A representative with our reconditioned bulk bag company will be happy to tell you exactly why you should choose us to purchase these incredible products.

Reasons to Purchase Reconditioned Polypropylene Bulk Bags

You might not have thought about how beneficial reconditioned polypropylene bulk bags could be for your company. Reconditioned polypropylene bulk bags are extremely cost effective, along with being friendly to the environment. They can hold up to a ton of material, and can also help you optimize your storage space. They come with four corner straps, so you can easily transport them with a forklift. In addition, you can pack them with a wide range of materials, including minerals, soils, wood shavings, metal shavings, rubber and more.

We have reconditioned polypropylene bulk bags to meet just about any need. Here’s a brief look at just some of the sizes we have available.

  • 35x35x50
  • 35x35x56
  • 35x41x60
  • 35x41x80
  • 36x36x60
  • 38x38x65
  • 38x43x67
  • 39x39x46
  • 39x47x74
  • 39x47x75
  • 40x40x52
  • 40x40x56
  • 42x42x40
  • 42x42x81

What Makes S&K a Leading Reconditioned Bulk Bag Company?

When it comes to purchasing reconditioned polypropylene bulk bags, you simply can’t make a better choice than S&K Packaging. Unlike some other reconditioned bulk bag suppliers, we don’t cut any corners. We go through exhaustive processes with each and every bag we sell so you can buy them with complete confidence. Here’s a quick look at how these processes work.

  • The collection process – We only collect reconditioned polypropylene bulk bags we know are free of potentially damaging foreign substances.
  • The sorting process – Sorting by size makes your reconditioning process very efficient, and also ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality bags. If we see a bag that doesn’t make the cut, we’ll shred it for recycling.
  • The cleaning process – Our cleaning process is extremely advanced, ensuring fast processing while keeping our customers’ costs low.
  • The repair process – We look at each and every bag to look for any imperfections. We repair minor tears with the highest quality material and shred and recycle those that can’t be repaired.

Learn more about our reconditioned polypropylene bulk bags by calling S&K Packaging at (815) 747-5009 or contacting us online. Find out what separates us from all other reconditioned bulk bag suppliers.