Reconditioned Bulk Bags

Reconditioned bulk bags are a cost effective, environmentally friendly, high quality packaging option.


Design and ratings allow for a variety of materials such as rubber, soils and minerals, metal and wood shavings. 


4 heavy-duty corner straps – Great for Forklifts.


Hold up to 2,000 lbs.


Optimizes the amount of product stored.


Collapsible for easy storage.

Available Dimensions

Reconditioning Process


Bags are collected from sources that we have vetted for facility and bag cleanliness. We collect bags that we can confirm their previous contents to ensure the absence of foreign materials.



We sort our bags by size for efficient reconditioning and by previous content to ensure our customers get a quality bag. Bags in poor condition are set aside to be shredded and recycled. Our bags do not get sent to the landfill.


We have a state of the art cleaning process and assembly line to ensure speedy processing and cleaning while keeping your costs low. Bags are emptied and completely blown out to eliminate residue and foreign materials.


While cleaning, our professionals inspect every single bag for damage and imperfections. Minor tears are repaired with quality material. If a bag does not meet our standard of quality, it is shredded and recycled.


Our crew carefully folds and bales the bags according to size and in like quantities to ensure easy ordering and efficient shipping. Typically bags are baled in groups of 100-125 with full pallets containing 200-250 bags.