Polypropylene Grain Storage Bags

Have you been disappointed with the polypropylene grain bags you’ve purchased before, either because they cost too much or they failed just when you needed them the most? You’ll never have those problems when you buy your grain storage bags from S&K Packaging. The reason is that we partner with the leading grain storage bag manufacturers in the industry. You’ll not only receive a high quality product, you’ll have our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

A Brief Overview of Polypropylene Grain Bags

Polypropylene grain storage bags are much superior than bags made from other materials. You can not only store your grain for longer time periods using poly, you can also transport them for longer distances. Polypropylene grain storage bags protect their contents from moisture, giving them a longer shelf life. Agricultural companies of all sizes are turning to poly bags more than ever. These are just a few of the reasons why.

  • Value – Polypropylene grain storage bags bring phenomenal value. Not only are they affordable, they last much longer than other types of packaging. You won’t have to worry about losing product due to tears or spoilage. This will reduce a great deal of waste over the long run.
  • Versatility – Poly bags can be laminated. This makes them not only great packaging tools, but great promotional tools as well. You can put your logo on a poly bag, as well as product information.
  • Friendly to the environment – If your company is like most others, sustainability is a top priority. Poly bags degrade much more efficiently than traditional plastic. When you finally discard your poly bags, they will break down much faster, and with fewer harmful effects.

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