Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

There are a lot of flexible intermediate bulk containers manufacturers out there, but we only partner with a select few at S&K Packaging. The reason is we want to make sure our customers get the most reliable, durable bags available anywhere. The manufacturers whose bags we carry have proven they’re just as committed to providing the highest quality products we are. As a result, you’ll always be able to buy from us with complete confidence.

What Are FIBCs?

The products made by the flexible intermediate bulk containers manufacturers we’re proud to call our partners are typically used to ship materials that are either powdered, granular or flaked. These include materials such as sand, resins, grains, seeds and many others. FIBCs are extremely popular, and used in many different industries. These include agriculture, food production, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry, just to mention a few.

Bags made by flexible intermediate bulk containers manufacturers are incredibly strong, able to hold up to 2,000 pounds. As a result, they have to be handled through mechanical means. FIBCs will typically have loops or straps for safe, secure handling. These include the following.

  • Lift loops
  • Sleeve lifts
  • Stevedore straps

Flexible intermediate bulk containers manufacturers will often include an additive that protects the contents from ultraviolet radiation. They blend the additive with a resin before extruding the yarns made to construct the containers.

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Not only do we partner with the best flexible intermediate bulk containers manufacturers in the business at S&K Packaging, we’re also experts in many different types of bags. We can make sure the ones you’re using are the right ones for the job. If they’re not, we’ll recommend bags that will provide you reliable performance time and time again. Learn more by calling (815) 747-5009 or contacting us online.