Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

S&K Packaging carries environmentally friendly packaging materials that are not only good for the planet, but also good for your company’s bottom line. These reconditioned bags can handle up to 2,000 pounds, and are built to carry many different types of materials. Customers regularly use our environmentally friendly packaging supplies for items as divers as soils, minerals, rubber and even wood and metal shavings.

How We Procure Our Environmentally Friendly Packaging Supplies

When you purchase environmentally friendly packaging materials from us, you can do so with 100 percent confidence. We don’t obtain these materials from just any source – we go through an exhaustive process to make sure the reconditioned bags we sell are just as durable and reliable as any other bags we offer. Here’s a look at some of the ways we ensure the quality of our reconditioned products.

  • Thorough vetting – All of our environmentally friendly packaging materials go through a vetting process for quality and cleanliness. We confirm how the bags were previously used to ensure they’re clear of any potentially harmful materials.
  • Cleaning – Our cleaning equipment is state of the art, ensuring fast, complete cleaning. All of the bags are blown out thoroughly so make sure they don’t contain any residue from previous use.
  • Repairs – During the reconditioning process, we closely inspect each and every bag to make sure there aren’t even the slightest imperfections. If we notice any minor tearing, we repair it using the best material available. We shred and recycle any bags that aren’t up to our stringent quality standards.

We want to support your efforts to make our planet healthier – that’s why we put so much effort into providing environmentally friendly packaging materials. At the same time, though, we will never sacrifice strength or quality. Learn more about our reconditioned bags by contacting us online or calling (815) 747-5009.