BOPP Polypropylene Poly Bags

If you’ve never considered Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, or BOPP poly bags, then it might be time you did just that. BOPP plastic bags offer a lot of benefits that you might not be getting from the bags you currently use. S&K Packaging stands out from other BOPP bag suppliers, and we look forward to the opportunity to show you why that’s the case.

Benefits of BOPP Plastic Bags

BOPP poly bags are incredibly strong and durable, used in a wide variety of demanding environments. These include storage and transportation of chemicals, seed, construction materials, animal feed and many others. BOPP plastic bags are also waterproof, and have an attractive, high gloss surface.

BOPP poly bags are extremely popular because they support picture-like printing quality. Your logo will stand out prominently, and you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your bags in the process. Here are a few other reasons you should consider using BOPP bags on a regular basis.

  • They can be treated with anti-slip materials.
  • They’re rub and scratch resistant.
  • They resist punctures and tears, reducing product loss.
  • BOPP bags are perfect for automated bagging systems.
  • They can also handle very large loads.

If you’re tired of dealing with inferior bags that cause costly downtime, you should think about turning to BOPP poly bags. While there are quite a few BOPP bag suppliers around, you won’t find anyone as committed as we are to delivering the very best customer service experience possible.

At S&K, we’re ready to take care of all your needs, whether you’re interested in BOPP poly bags or anything else we carry. We also have the expertise to help make sure you’re using the right kind of bag for your needs. Contact us online or call (815) 747-5009 to learn more.