1 Ton Polypropylene Bags

Looking for the best 1 ton polypropylene bags available? We’ve got them at S&K Packaging. S&K has an ample supply of 1 ton plastic bags for sale, so you’ll always be able to turn to us. Our 1 ton bulk bags for sale are perfect for storing or transporting items such as flour, sand, and many, many others. No matter what industry you’re in, our bags will provide you benefits you may not have thought possible.

Industries That Typically Use 1 Ton Polypropylene Bags

Even though 1 ton polypropylene bags can be used in just about any industry, there are three in particular – agriculture, animal nutrition and the chemical industry – that use them on a regular basis. Here are just a few of the ways companies in these fields use 1 ton plastic bags for sale on a regular basis.

  • Agriculture – Agricultural companies use 1 ton polypropylene bags to store several types of dry products, such as corn flour, barley, wheat flour and many others. They also use 1 ton bulk bags for sale for contents such as peanuts, coffee beans and more.
  • Animal nutrition – Pet food and livestock feed are other items that are a natural fit for 1 ton polypropylene bags. They are easy to store as well as transport.
  • Chemical industry – Because 1 ton polypropylene bags are so durable, they are also perfect for nonreactive chemical powders, pharmaceuticals, and much more. As long as a company uses the right type of bulk bags, it can transport hazardous materials with complete confidence.

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